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Intel’s new CSR blog

With so much interest in what corporations are doing to make their internal organizations and the products and services they offer more “sustainable,” it’s nice to see Intel introduce a CSR blog (thanks to triplepundit for catching this). Environmental Leaders points out that McDonald’s and Sun Microsystems also have CSR and eco blogs. I’m sure some research could uncover several others as well. Send me a comment if you know of corporate blogs to profile.

This all has some significance. Most companies are racing to figure out their internal/external approach to CSR, cleantech, and whatever else falls under the green umbrella, and just like consumers, big companies need examples and best practices to follow. Even with the dozens of new events, articles and industry associations, there aren’t enough places to turn for information. These blogs, if done right, should serve as a good forum to create discussions that help companies across industries develop their approach to CSR.

I’ve talked about how these companies are already coming together with trade groups like TechNet. Adding clear and transparent corporate blogs into the mix is another step in the right direction. And I’m sure the media won’t mind new places to turn for information.


July 27, 2007 - Posted by | blogging, CSR, environment, sustainable business

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  1. We would like to congratulate Intel on this bold move. We are sure with ‘Intel Inside’ factor all their CSR Initiatives will work just as perfect as our laptops and machines work with their chips.
    Doing business responsibly and with ethical practices has been part of our global mission of producing GARMENTS WITHOUT GUILT. We invite you to come and see our CSR practices in action on

    Comment by SriLanka Apparel | March 14, 2008 | Reply

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