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Fast Company: The Sustainable Fast 50

The articles aren’t up on Fast Company’s website yet but I received the March issue yesterday and it has a nearly 20 page coverage package covering the businesses, people and ideas that they think could be poised to save the world while turning a profit. A few of the 50 things that made the list:

– Arnold Schwarzenegger for a host of different initiatives meant to fight global warming, our dependence on foreign oil and unaffordable health care
– Phoenix Motorcars’ electric car
– Nike’s new Soaker shoe featuring a more enviro-friendly design
– NativeEnergy’s clean energy financing projects
– SunEdison’s distributed solar power
– Greenfit, a video-centric Internet channel that features stories on green life
– Zelfo’s biodegradable plastic substitute
– GreenFuel Technologies reactors that claim to cut emissions from a coal-fired plant by 45% while turning the CO2 waste into reusable biofuel

It also includes banks, strategy firms, eco-friendly building designs, cities taking a sustainable approach, and big companies like Honda, Ikea, GE and Home Depot. There’s no question that some of these companies might just be chasing the dollar. But if chasing the dollar brings change for the good, well, keep on chasing. The creme will rise to the top. In some cases, it already has. And I think that’s the point of the article.

We’re getting closer to an exciting point where the media and influencer community are developing a deep enough understanding of the products and services available to be able to educate consumers on what to do next. It’s great that the small community of people in the clean/green bubble know the ins and outs of what’s available; I’m looking forward to more in-depth case studies and success stories in the vertical (home building, construction, banking, lifestyle) and national media that give consumers and businesses examples and best practices to follow. 2007 is shaping up to be the year.


February 16, 2007 - Posted by | clean energy, clean tech, global warming, sustainable business

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