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Global Warming news spreads

My latest Google News search shows a whopping 1,736 new articles discussing the results of a new report which reaffirms that human activities are causing global warming that may bring more droughts, heatwaves and rising seas.

The world’s leading climate scientists, in their most powerful language ever used on the issue, said global warming is “very likely” man-made, according to a new report obtained Friday by The Associated Press. The report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – a group of hundreds of scientists and representatives of 113 governments – represents the most authoritative science on the issue.

The report should put pressure on governments and companies to do more to curb greenhouse gases mainly from burning fossil fuels in power plants, factories and cars.

The pressure is already there and it appears that it will be sustained. Those folks that want to drive oil prices down when things get moving to stifle progress may have their hands full. Hype is hype, but when you catch enough mainstream attention with some solid evidence and calls for action, hopefully it will be enough for international, local and regional communities to sustain progress and drive home some real change.


February 2, 2007 - Posted by | clean energy, clean tech, global warming, sustainable business

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